Fireflies, Sunsets, and Rainbows

Corn-Country Sunset

Fireflies. I had never seen so many fireflies before.  In the early summer twilight, I had to pull over to watch the thousands of twinkling insects float from the knee-high corn fields and the three-leafed bean fields.  It’s not something a camera can capture; it’s only something a Creator can orchestrate.  It made my heart worship Him.

This living display of lights followed a vibrant, glowing Western sky as I walked out of church.  Streaks of cloud-shadows punctuated the molten sky of volcanic colors. In true corn-country character, the silhouettes of the ubiquitous modern windmills spun boldly against the brilliant hues of the evening sky. I had to stop and catch my breath at the sight.  My God invented the prettiest colors.

Even as I sit and write under the neighborhood gazebo, the sun is shining to the south and the sky is becoming ominously gray to the north. I’m listening to the dance of rain drops on the roof.   My heart wants to praise God for variation in His world.

Update, part 1: As the storm approached, I decided to heed wisdom by not working on an electronic device in the middle of storm, so have migrated inside where I can watch and listen to the power of God’s creation through my still-cracked window.

As Christ-followers, we should take joy in the world around us and use it to worship our God. The books of poetry in the Old Testament are full of worship inspired by creation. Take a look at the end of Job.  God tells of the wonders of the world He created and points out ways in which it is greater than anything a mere mortal could have designed. Numerous Psalms document examples the wonder of the creation of God.

Update, part 2: I just ran outside and stood in the rain to take pictures of a full-arch, double rainbow. Have you ever seen lightning in the gray clouds behind a rainbow? Marvelous! The ridiculously big grin on my face reflected joy; God was looking on this rainbow, too, and remembering His covenant with Noah (see Genesis 9:8-17).

The rainbow was too big for my camera to capture the whole rainbow in one photo.

The world that God created should encourage us to praise Him.  As you walk throughout your day, don’t miss these little blessings of God.  Take notice.  Take a moment to pause and enjoy them.

When was the last time you stopped on a drive to watch the flicker of fireflies?  When was the last time you danced in a summer rain?  When have you hunted for rainbows or tried to identify a constellation in the night sky?  Be on the lookout for blessings and write them down to remind you of God’s glory.  Or, if you prefer, become a photo documentarian and snap pictures of what you see.

I have found that as I notice and enjoy these little things in life, I am much more aware of His presence in the rest of life.  I take that joy, that peace, and that trust in my covenant-keeping God into the world around me.

For example, on the firefly night, that worship made my heart sensitive to needs that I saw around me.  Three times on the rest of the drive home I saw emergency vehicles with lights and sirens.  Instead of just moving over a lane and then continuing on my way, I prayed.  I didn’t know the reason the ambulance was hurrying down the highway or the extent of the injuries from the car accident at the interection.  But I could pray.  I could take these needs to the God who knew and cared and could make a difference.

At His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus said that if His followers didn’t praise Him, then the stones would cry out (Luke 19:40).  As amazing as it would be to hear the rocks shout the praises of God with words, let’s not give them the opportunity by failing to praise God. Will you join me in worshipping Jesus, our triumphant King and ingenious Creator?

Update part 3: As the storm clouds retreated, the setting sun painted them with soft pinks and purples.  Beauty following the raging of the storm.

Storm-cloud sunset