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Wise Men


Last year, I played piano in my first public performance in over a decade.  I played carols at a Christmas party as the others read and acted out the Christmas story found in the Gospels.  Since this group of friends hadn’t been known for its musical forte, I was a little startled when the guys joined in with bold, bass singing:

We three kings of Orient are

Bearing gifts we traverse afar.

Field and fountain, moor and mountain,

Following yonder star.

My friends were enthusiastic in their rendition of the classic carol, but the wise men they sang about were even more enthusiastic in their search of the King.  They saw an extraordinary star and followed it.  Their journey was not quick, nor was it easy.  But they were determined. They were prepared to worship the King they found.

Do we seek Jesus as earnestly as the wise men did? We should follow the example of these “three kings of Orient” and draw near to worship the King, who is the Bright and Morning Star (Rev 22:16). What joy!  We are invited to worship the same King, the same Savior, that the wise men worshiped two thousand years ago! We should worship with boldness and joy, just like my friends did in their singing.

How can you worship Jesus this Christmas?  Perhaps, like the wise men, you need to journey to Jesus and intentionally make time alone with Him. Perhaps, like my friends, you need to sing with joy since “the Lord is come.”

I pray each of us will “rejoice exceedingly with great joy” (Matthew 2:10) as we find the Baby Jesus and worship Him with our lives. Jesus came to change lives. He changed the wise men’s lives.  He wants to change your life and mine as we worship Him.